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The African infrastructure publication is a platform to showcase the potential and diversity of Africa’s potential, growth and innovation. The need for a wider outlook on attracting economic growth was the biggest motivation to start this publication. The core editorial structure of this publication is an in-depth focus on all sectors of economic impact. We focus on industries which aid economic growth on the continent and have a major innovative tradition synced with technology.

Mining, telecommunications, logistics and construction are some of the core industries we focus on. These industries have shown growth on the continent on an annual basis and the African Infrastructure publication gives you the current information you need as an investor. The editorial content looks at Africa’s potential in business on a global scale. The latest technology, innovative ideas, statistics and general outlook are key determinants towards trade.

Over and above those sectors African Infrastructure publication covers areas which allow business stakeholders to have access to certain industries from corporate travel, statistics, aviation, education etc. This will not only serve as a motivation but also as a tool in aiding the growth of businesses. This publication will allow premium investors and the corporate sector to interact on a business level and ultimately aid stakeholders in identifying suitable territories for investment and trade while grasping the diversity of the African business landscape.


The current issue takes an in-depth look at mining, logistics and renewable energy. We look at how we have innovated within those sectors to aid international trade on the continent. We look at how renewable energy has taken in its part in construction and how it will assist the continent’s infrastructure in the private and public sectors. See below feature articles:

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